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We live infrastructure. Infrastructure provides everything that surrounds us and serves us in our daily life, from the tab water we drink, to the management of the waste we produce, the roads we traverse on our way to work, to the electricity that powers our computers, to the flights we take to expand our businesses, to the phone calls we do to communicate with our relatives, to the buildings where we receive education and healthcare.



Be critical, shift the paradigms. Dare to challenge the status quo, even if that means standing alone. Forty years of delays in infrastructure require powerful solutions that challenge the current paradigms. With a clean speech, backed up in powerful evidence, challenge the current paradigms and the current views.

Long term vision. The scale of infrastructure projects is measured in decades. That said, the decisions made today will impact the future generations. Therefore, even though the ideas may not be popular in the short term, the focus must remain in the long run.

We go political. We acknowledge the strong political influence that the development of infrastructure carries: infrastructure is born through political decisions. The forty-year delay we live in is the result of the huge gap that exists between the technical advice and the materialization of public policies. That said, we look forward to share objective information independent of any party´s perspectives and electoral cycles. Infrastructure must serve the wellbeing of citizens and protect the interests of the future generations.


We think global. In a globalized world, infrastructure is subject to the exchange of technologies and professionals. The improvement of infrastructure requires openness to new technologies and new competitors that will add value to the existing conditions and practices. We look forward to share and to bring information that serves the development of infrastructure regardless of its country of origin or cultural background.

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