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Disquiet Infrastructure



DISQUIET INFRASTRUCTURE is a meeting point for experts and an independent source of knowledge related to infrastructure development 

in Costa Rica and Latin America.

Although Costa Rica is ranked as the third most competitive country in Latin America, we are aware of the great crisis that currently retains its infrastructure nearly 40 years back in time. We acknowledge that the only way to succeed in catching up with the rest of the world is by shifting the current paradigms we have in areas such as public private partnerships, public management and public policies. We truly envision Costa Rica and Latin America taking a leap forward in their infrastructure development whereas having an impact in their economic and social development.

We aim to create a community of experts, to provide free access to forward-looking opinions, methodologies, solutions and technologies through events and publications of experts in diverse fields related to technical, social, economic and political issues. We believe in the free flow of information, constructive feedback and open access to knowledge.


All the contributors of Disquiet Infrastructure have proven expertise in their field and follow the values of the site. We are based in San Jose, Costa Rica; but our community is global as we acknowledge that infrastructure must cross borders and unite countries.

We live infrastructure.

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